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We are an information architecture studio, we conduct usability studies, we consult all aspects of User Experience, we provide training. Find out more about us.


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User Experience Design

UX design process

We see ourselves as translators between different realities - the users and their needs, the client’s stakeholders and their goals, and developers and their capabilities. We’re able to guide your company through the entire cycle - gathering data and developing concepts, creating mockups and prototypes, evaluating with users and supporting product’s developers.


Prototypes, mock-ups, wireframes are our tools for communication with clients, graphic designers. developer teams. They’re based on research and refined through constant feedback.


We’re used to working closely with various visual design and development teams, which makes us a great choice for companies outsourcing UX specialists. Whether you run an agency, startup or software house, we’ll fit right in.

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Usability Testing

Value of testing

Our studies help to improve existing interactive products, as well as gather data for creating new ones. There’s already important data embedded in it’s use and we can tap into it. Examining real-life use reveals it’s strengths and weaknesses, utility and satisfaction. We evaluate if the products meet user’s expectations as well as their business goals.

We take care of user research from applying the right scheme on the right group, through field work, to distilling results into comprehensive reports.


We offer entire spectrum of methods. Our approach includes user testing of interactive products such as websites, mobile apps, as well as prototypes. We conduct in-depth interviews, eyetracking, ethnographic studies. We can extract valuable insights from the product’s environment and context of use as well as quantitative data like web analytics.

Actionable results

We believe that the key benefit of examining UX is receiving a clear recommendation for improvement. That’s why our reports include suggestions that can be applied right away in product’s development or redesign.





Our clients about us

The big advantage of FF, in contrast to companies implementing IT solutions, it was very good understanding of user needs and the context in which they use the services.

Sebastian Wojciechowski, EUROZET, Business Unit Director

We worked with the Free Flow team on a project to help clearly identify what real users wanted from a client project and therefore - how to design the App accordingly. We were extremely impressed with the teams professional approach and knowledge on the full process from how to identify who the target users were to what they wanted, surveys and statistical analysis. The outcome of the full process was an extremely professional.

Brian Egan, Founder at PurpleDecks

User Experience Consulting

Our team can help with improving UX of your existing products and services.

We conduct usability reviews, competitor analysis and develop UX strategies. If you’re looking for a fresh, user-centered perspective, we can evaluate your website, mobile app or any part of your business requiring interaction of humans with technology.

Training and workshops

UX skills have become indispensable within any organization dealing with interactive products.

We can help you learn how to apply our methods in your environment. We provide training in areas such as information architecture, usability tests and integrating UX into your business. Being a small company enables us to provide custom services like dedicated workshops and training.